Look Again!  This Log Wall is a Siding!

hand hewn log cabin siding wall

Pioneer Log Siding

Our unique pioneer log siding is hand-hewn distressed, axed, sculpted,
sawed, sanded then age-stained to appear over 150 years old.
It’s a tough siding to craft but the historic look is Worth it!

Pioneer Log Siding is the real Frontier McCoy!

Pioneer Log Siding Transforms Homes into Cabins.

  • Pioneer is crafted using Kiln-Dried Doug Fir boards.
  • Our siding is ¼ the weight of reclaimed square logs.
  • All siding comes in 16’ foot lengths, with longer on request.
  • Maintenance is Nil to Nothing compared to round logs.
  • The more Pioneer ages the more authentic it appears.
  • Pioneer has a fantastic R-Value especially after chinking.
  • Can be installed by 2 workers instead of a log-hauling team.
  • Installs with mini headed deck screws from any Home Depot.
  • Longevity is similar to our ancestor’s historic log cabins.
  • All Pioneer Log Siding orders are shipped nationwide and Canada.

Pioneer Log Siding is not a perfect siding, but instead is a rustically beautiful Siding.

NOTE: Pioneer Log Siding is hand-hewn cut with splits, cracks, gouges, smudges,
and occasional warping. Not a single piece will ever match the next. Pioneer is then
Age-Stained to appear over 150 years old with virtually no up-keep for decades.
The older it becomes the more pioneer authentic it appears.

Place your Order Early during your Planning Stages.
Click Here about "Placement Deposit" vs "Official Order"...

"Placement Deposit versus Official Order"
Place your Order Early during your Planning Stages. All orders are placed
on a first come first serve basis. Like the Amish Pioneer Log Siding is a unique
hand crafted siding that takes time to make.

Placement Deposit
It means you’re placed on the “Production Chart” next in line. Your position stands for 30 days, enough time to clarify your Official Order.
If after 30 days more time is needed we start
the customer behind you and you remain
next in line.

Official Order
It means you’ve officially filled out your Pioneer
Log Siding “Order Form” and wire transferred us your 50% deposit. At that time, you are officially
in line on the “Production Chart” and no one can take your place.

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C. Foster MN Jan 30 2017 Large Completed Feb 2017
K. Dill MO Mar 30 2017 Small Completed March 2017
D. Aslett ID Mar 23 2017 Medium Completed March 2017
J. Rokeby ONT Mar 20 2017 Small Completed April 2017
R. Raven TX Jan 12 2017 Medium Completed April 2017
F. B. Cummings ID May 9 2017 Small Completed May 2017
D. Wescott MO April 4 2017 Small Completed June 2017
A. Kernek TX April 26 2017 Large Completed July 2017
R. Coleman KY July 29 2017 Small Completed July 2017
R. Wright AR July 18 2017 Large Completed July-Aug 2017
R. Wright AR July 31 2017 Small Completed Aug 2017
J. Hopfenspringer MN June 12 2017 Small Completed Aug-Sept 2017
R. Glover KY June 3 2017 Small Completed Aug-Sept 2017
T. Triplette NC July 26 2017 Large Completed September 2017
S. Mackert UT Aug 3 2017 Medium Completed October 2017
T. Fowler TX Aug 3 2017 Med.add-on Completed November 2017
J. Juhlin NE Aug 3 2017 Largeadd-on Completed November 2017
J. Clearlock IL Sept 6 2017 Medium Underway Nov-Dec 2017
M. G. Pavelchik ID 2017 Medium Placed-On-Hold On Hold
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