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Frequently Asked Questions

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How hard is Pioneer Log Siding to install?

Pioneer Log Siding is relatively simple to install. For example a 10? x 30? wall can be installed in 1-2 days by 1-2 workers. We suggest mini headed deck screws found at any Home Depot store. They hold the boards in place much better than nails. All end-cuts should be stained in the same tone. We always send some touch up. When touching up always apply full strength over any scuffed spots then wipe off with a wet rag.

Contractors love installing Pioneer Log Siding because nothing needs to be prefect. Board ends do not need to match up perfectly. After all its pioneer and should look frontier rugged and not perfect.

Chinking When completed choose yourself a Chinking person or do it yourself. Chinking will be your finishing touch to a beautiful historic pioneer project. We have found one of the best chinking materials our customer love to use is Perma-Chink. If you need a contact who will most likely save you a bunch, call the nationwide rep in Seattle WA. Kathy Murdock. She’s a world of great chinking information.

How do Pioneer Log Siding prices compare to antique square logs?

There are several considerations. Whole aged logs must be removed, reclaimed, from an old cabin or barn site, requiring a lot of time and labor. They weigh five times as much, so - higher shipping rates. Elevated labor costs and installation time all add up to one VERY expensive project! Pioneer Log Siding is lighter to ship, easier to install and more efficient - at about ONE THIRD the cost!!! And, with our hand-hewn siding, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference!

What is the waiting time for my order to be completed then shipped?

Since Pioneer Log Siding is entirely custom handcrafted, times will vary, depending on the size of your order and when it was received. Smaller orders can take up to 30-45 days to complete, while larger orders may take 60-90 days. It all depends on how many orders are ahead of yours at the time. Orders are placed when the deposit is received, on a first come first serve bases. Pioneer Log Siding is custom hand crafted and, well worth the wait! If you require a RUSH, there will be an additional 20% Lin Ft cost for an added labor force to rush your order.

Shipping arrangements

The customer is always responsible for their own shipping. Shipping arrangements can be made as soon as your final payment clears our bank.

How do corners come together with Pioneer Log Siding?

The old frontier cabins have interlocking, dovetailed corners that protrude beyond the cabin wall - like Lincoln Logs. Pioneer Log Siding butts to the corner trim with no protrusion - it's that simple!!

What is the life expectancy of Pioneer Log Siding?

Pioneer Log Siding can last a lifetime and surpass 100 years if, termite protected and you have no environmental catastrophes. If you choose a few years down the road to refresh your siding. Please use the same transparent stain product and tone. However, the more Pioneer log siding ages the more authentically frontier it appears.

What is unique about Pioneer Log Siding?

Unlike other similar products sold at lumber outlets, we do not machine mill our planks with repetitive cuts and artificial grooves. We hack-cut, draw knife, saw-edge, ax-tatter and distress each piece, leaving a more authentic look, with each board unique, unlike any other.

Can I blend Pioneer Log Siding with my Contemporary design?

Many of our customers do. Your architect understands how to blend the elements, or perhaps you can design your own look. Pioneer Log Siding can be used on the Interior as well as the Exterior, on any new or existing home, cabin or commercial building project. Blending the old and new elements is a winning combination!

What is chinking and do I have to do it on my structure?

Our settlers used chinking to insulate their cabins and protect against insects and weather. After your Pioneer Log Siding is installed, it must be chinked. You can hire a subcontractor or do it yourself.

For chinking supplies we recommend Kathy Murdock, a nationwide Seattle rep for “Perma Chink,” (800) 548-1231 She is a wealth of information and takes good care of our customers. The Chink itself has a nice grain to it and as tough as concrete only last longer.

Please caution when hiring a local chinking person, that they do not try to offer you aged chinking material left over from another job. We also suggest that you avoid white, as it can be an eye sore from a distance upstaging your beautiful logs. We will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. 360-544-8338

Are there stain options with Pioneer Log Siding?

Pioneer Log Siding has a pre-stain option that is cost-effective. Compare that
cost with paying a subcontractor or, if you do it yourself, consider the equipment and scaffolding you will need. You can save a lot by having the siding Pre-stained. However, some people do choose to do it themselves. Whatever works for you!