Pre-Age Staining

Siding can be Pre-Age-Stained ready to install at your site.


This labor-intensive job covers all widths of Pioneer Log Siding, Window & Door Trim, House Corners and Beams on both sides and edges. Interior only requires one side and edges. During our process of hand hewing, distressing and sanding each board differently, we Age-Stain by hand as we go, down across sawhorses, one board at a time, ready to install when it reaches your site.

We never spray stain to avoid the artificial appearance it leaves. Age Staining is only the jump-start to begin the natural gray-aging process of your Pioneer Log Siding boards.

Unlike round logs, needing constant attention, Pioneer Log Siding needs very little attention and looks even more authentic over the years. One day, when you do decide to stain again, please use a water based transparent stain of the same tone so you do not cover up the aged pioneer look we’ve created.

siding and beams staining process


If you do choose to stain Pioneer Log Siding yourself please consider . . .

When ordering raw un-stained Pioneer Log Siding boards and other Pioneer products please stain before you install and as soon as possible. We highly suggest you avoid dampness and keep your boards well covered to prevent extreme warpage and twisting before you stain.

Please stain as we do, by hand, one board at a time flat down. This avoids runaway drips flowing down your log walls from the sculpted checks and cracks we’ve created. It’s a tedious laboring process but, worth the time to do correctly.

Note: Pioneer Log Siding cannot guarantee the same results as shown on our web site when the staining is done by others.

The stain material itself is paid by the customer on the final billing.

The Age-Staining labor is included in the cost but the gallons used are not because, the pioneer
 boards are hand-hewn distressed, deep below the board’s surface into an extreme raw state. Unlike smooth boards there is no way to determine the amount needed until the project is complete.

siding on sawhorses being stained