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$500. Christmas Photo Contest Entries

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The PHOTO CONTEST has ended. Our Big Winner is Rebbecca Abair!!!

See the results of the voting at the bottom of this page.

The Contest Winner as determined by votes from our six impartial judges.
See their votes listed by judge below:

Judge, Michael Sterling, Graphics Designer, TX
Gary Glover - Chip Foster - Ricky Durst

Judge, Dennis Smith, Amino Transport, MO.
Aaron Kernek - Rebbecca Abair - Susan Stafford

Judge, Judy Bindner, Historic Architectural Design
Gary Glover - Beth Schaleben - Rebbecca Abair

Judge, Galen Smith, Contractor of Sales. Valley Lumber, CO.
Beth Schaleben - Dave Aslett - Jack Hopfinspringer

Judge, Michael Burton, Construction Coordinator, MO
David Ash - Alex Johnson - Rebecca Abair

Judge, Bill Bullock, Real Estate, Owner of Bullock Dept. Store, CO.
Rebbecca Abair - David Ash - Gary Glover